Call + Response is an annual art show that brings writers and visual artists together to create and showcase original, joint works. For the first four iterations of the show, the writers called, and the visual artists responded with a new twist each year.

In 2015, the show will make its Baltimore debut at the EMP Collective in downtown Baltimore. Call + Response V is adding a new element this year to literally spice things up with the addition of Baltimore’s Blacksauce Kitchen who’s mission states “[…] we strive to make food that connects with our audience; food that makes someone pause; food that prompts two girls to skip towards the tent; food that makes a man dance ever so subtly because it reminds him of another time or place; food that helps people remember.”

Blacksauce Kitchen created three distinct bites that highlight the sweet, sour, and smoky flavors. All 18 of the writers and visual artists convened at EMP in early May 2015 and met their pairing for the first time. Together, they tasted their assigned flavor profile (three pairs had sweet bites, three pairs had sour bites, and three pairs had smoky bites).

The nine acclaimed, emerging and award-winning poets, fiction writers, journalists, and essayists largely based in Baltimore, then wrote short, reactive pieces that are a thousand words or less. All in a unique, original conversation with Blacksauce and their assigned flavor profile.

Each written response then went to nine acclaimed, emerging and award-winning visual artists who entered the conversation, too. It is not a dialogue not just with the written work, but also with the food pairing.

At the Call + Response V opening on September 11, 2015 at the EMP Collective, the 18 pairs of works will be on display and Blacksauce will serve the bites that inspired the pairings. The audience will be able to experience the flavors that began the conversation.

Call + Response V is co-curated by Kira Wisniewski + Dillon Babington. Call + Response I-III was co-curated by William John Bert and Kira Wisniewski. Call + Response IV was co-curated by Kira Wisniewski, Dillon Babington, and Mike O'Brien.

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