CALL + RESPONSE is an (almost) annual art show in the nation's capital that brings writers and visual artists together to create and showcase joint, original works. For the first three iterations of the show, the writers called, and the visual artists responded.

In 2014, we've switched it up a bit.

For this year’s show the Philadelphia band Restorations created a single long-form instrumental track, which we sent to sixteen acclaimed, emerging and award-winning poets, fiction writers, journalists, and essayists largely based in the DC/Baltimore metropolitan area.

The writers wrote short, reactive pieces, none over one-thousand words, all in unique, original conversation with Restorations and their music. (View all of the writing for Call + Response IV HERE.)

Each written response went to one of sixteen acclaimed, emerging and award-winning visual artists who entered the conversation, too: not just with the written work, but with the music as well.

At CALL + RESPONSE IV’s opening on October 11, 2014 at Hole in the Sky in northeast D.C. Restorations will perform and each piece of writing will be displayed with their visual response. There will be a 7inch of the music packaged with all the writing from the show. (You can purchase online HERE.)

We’re extremely proud of this year’s show and we thank you for your interest and support. We hope to continue our small role in bringing together creative communities.

You can see some photos from the opening here. (More forthcoming!)
Call + Response IV is co-curated by Kira Wisniewski, Dillon Babington, and Mike O'Brien. Call + Response I-III was co-curated by William John Bert and Kira Wisniewski. Visit the 2012 , 2011 , or 2010 sites.